0.9% NaCl antiseptic wipes

CONEST wet wipes 0.9% NaCl are antiseptic wipes for cleaning wounds or for washing intimate areas. The wet wipes contain 0.9% NaCl (sodium chloride) and are antibacterial. The moist wipe does not contain alcohol.

Facts CONEST wet wipes

  • Contains 0.9% NaCl.

  • Sterile.

  • Antiseptic.

  • For single use.

  • The napkin measures 15 x 20 cm.

  • The packaging measures 60 x 80 mm.
CONEST wet wipes with 0.9% NaCl

Item number for ordering

CO-202207, 0.9% NaCl antiseptic wipes, 500 pcs.

Advantages CONEST wet wipes

0,9 % NaCl vådservietter
  • Ideal for cleaning wounds or washing intimate areas, as they do not contain alcohol.

  • The napkin with 0.9% NaCl has the cleansing properties of alcohol without irritating or burning.

  • The napkin is made of non-woven cotton material that is soft and feels pleasant against the skin.

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