How we ensure quality

CONEST undertakes to work based on the quality management system according to ISO 9001. The quality policy establishes the framework for our quality goals and is checked regularly. The management is responsible for the quality management system with ongoing improvements and maintenance of KLS, so that it meets legal requirements, customer requirements and own requirements in relation to customer satisfaction and product quality at all times.

Quality is not only about the quality of the products, but also about the quality in each individual process step. It is our ambition to understand customers’ needs, wishes and expectations, so that we can offer the individual customer quality products and solutions.

Quality for us is about providing a good experience and the best service. We have secured our products and services with necessary processes, knowing that procedures and descriptions can never replace the good experience that we want to provide with flexibility, competence and dialogue.

CONEST wants to provide the highest possible level of quality in distribution, service and support of products, all in accordance with all relevant regulations, authority and customer requirements.