Ideal for collecting saliva samples

Saliva Collection Kit PCR is ideal for collecting high quality DNA/RNA samples in saliva. The collected samples can be used for various biological experiments such as enzymatic hydrolysis, PCR and next generation sequencing.
Saliva is collected by the patient spitting into the funnel, so the sample is taken very easily, painlessly and safely.

Facts Saliva Collection Kit

  • Free of RNase/DNase and pyrogen.
  • 12 months shelf life from the date of sterilization.
  • DNA samples can be stored for 12 months.
  • RNA samples can be stored for 1 month.

The Saliva Collection kit contains:

  • 1 x 10 ml cryotube with funnel for collecting saliva.
  • 1 x 5 ml cryotube with 2.0 ml ITM reagent.
  • 1 x shipping bag.
  • 4 x barcodes.
  • 1 x user manual.
Saliva collection kit PCR

Item number for ordering

203011, 10 ml vial with funnel and 5 ml vial with 2.0 ml ITM, 100 pcs.

Advantages Saliva Collection Kit

Saliva collection kit PCR pack
  • DNA samples can be stored for 12 months.

  • RNA samples can be stored for 1 month.

  • Secure seal prevents leakage and contamination of samples.

  • With barcode that makes the sample easy to handle digitally.

  • The bottom of the collection tube is conical.

  • Label with writing field.

  • Sterile.

before use

Storage before
and after use

RNA viability
after use

DNA viability
after use

Storage for 12 months
At temperature 20 to 22°C
Viability up to 30 days
Viability up to 12 months

Design Advantages

Anti-unscrew storage
tube cap design

The storage tube cap cannot be unscrewed. Efficiently prevents waste of the sample and provides high security.

Transfering preservation solution easily

Just insert the bottom of storage tube into the saliva collection cup, and screw down. Then the solution will flow into the saliva collection cup automatically.

Good protection for
medical personnel

The collection kit is designed to protect the medical personnel from accidental exposure to infectious samples.


Saliva collection kit Instruction 1
Saliva collection kit Instruction 2
Saliva collection kit Instruction 3
Saliva collection kit Instruction 4

The saliva collection kit can easily replace DNA/RNA blood samples, which is a great advantage to avoid taking blood samples from children or other patients who are unable to cooperate with blood sampling.

Saliva collection kit is very easy to use. The funnel is screwed onto the cryotube, the patient spits 2 ml of saliva into the cryotube, the tube with reagent is screwed into the collection tube, where it automatically opens up and the reagent flows into the sample.

Easily replaces
blood samples

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