Collection Transport Medium

CTM test kit – Collection Transport Medium – is used for collection, storage and transport of viruses, bacteria, chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma.

Facts CTM test kit

  • CE-, FDA- and ISO-certified.

  • 12 months shelf life from the date of sterilization.

  • 5 ml tube with 2.8 ml CTM and swab or

  • 10 ml tube with 3.0 ml CTM and swab.

  • Swab produced in Denmark by Meditec.
CTM Collection Transport Medium

Item number for ordering

ND201204-11, 5 ml tube, 2 swabs, breakingpoint 30 mm and thin flexible 80 mm, 100 set

ND201204-22, 5 ml tube, 1 swab, breakingpoint 30 mm, 100 set

ND201204-33, 5ml tube, 1 swab oropharyngeal, breakingpoint 80 mm, 100 set

202027, 10 ml tube, 1 swab, breakingpoint 80 mm, 100 set

Advantages CTM test kit

  • Collection Transport medium serves to both inactivate viruses and prevent nucleic acid degradation.

  • Unused collection transport medium can easily be transported by room temperature.

  • Samples should be stored at -70° C if not transported to a laboratory within 48 hours.

  • Used for collection, storage and transportation of viruses, bacteria, chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma.

Storage before use

Viability after use

Storage for 12 months
At temperature 5 to 25°C
Viability for up to 48 hours
At temperature 2 to 8°C

Advantages CONEST swabs

Advantages CONEST swab

CONEST swabs are produced in Denmark. Proper specimen collection is critical for rapid and accurate diagnosis of clinical specimens. CONEST swabs are high quality and provide optimum specimen collection.
Each swab is individually packed in PET/PE foil that are gamma sterilisation compatible.

Collecting specimens by testing oropharyngeal

Nasopharyngeal Specimen Collection
Oropharyngeal Specimen Collection

Collecting specimens by testing nasopharyngeal

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